Newsletter March 2018

Newsletter March 2018

2018 has begun very positively for Story Hands Massage.

A new logo and a new website 

Jenny Jones from Boscastle Design has finalised my beautiful new logo.

I am so happy with it as I feel it encapsulates everything about my service. I love it, and feedback so far has been very positive.

Nigel Pengelly from The Media Runner has been working hard to get my new website up & running.

Red River School

A workshop with about 20 students of varying ages from Red River School in Redruth was a success in January. Colourful rugs & cushions were shared around as the children prepared to enjoy learning how to calm & regulate each other in a fun & playful way. This led to discussion on ways they could use Story Massage outside of the lesson.

They were very insightful offering calming tools at bedtime or when they see a friend feeling sad, and always asking permission. In fact one child piped up that I had forgotten to remind them to ask permission before one story massage.

It’s good to be kept on track! All the children engaged so positively and used the Armadillo & the Monkeys massage story to explore resolution around bullying and how the monkeys should have done more to repair the pain they had caused Armadillo.

We rounded off the session by splitting into two groups who each had a copy of Ed Sheeran’s Castle on the Hill song lyrics and Story Massage symbols. This was an exercise to show them how easy & flexible it was to put different massage moves to any song, rhyme or story. At the end of the class, I had great feedback as children said how much they had enjoyed the session. I had suggestions as to how I could add to the session & have gone away with ideas on what I can do in further sessions.

Collaboration with True Butterflies

I am currently collaborating with True Butterflies a foundation which supports survivors of domestic abuse and their families I am ran a well received workshop in February for parents, with a follow up workshop for parents to attend with their children on Saturday 17th March.

When you have experienced trauma and abuse, touch can seem daunting at the very least. When you trust no-one & feel isolated, how can you move forward and heal? Hugs themselves can feel like a threat, an infringement of your body space, or awkward.

The workshops illustrate the beauty of Story Massage and that it does not have to start with touch, as it is tailored to suit you and can be enjoyed on many levels. Even watching massage releases 50% of the oxytocin levels released by positive touch, so the touch starts to build just watching others take part & that’s when the magic happens.

Previously shy or reluctant particiapnts can feel able to engage in this gentle & supported way back to positive touch. I aim to encourage Story Massage to be experienced between parent & child, siblings & peers. Story Massage promotes positive body boundaries & awareness, so it is an opportunity to focus on consent, a major underpinning ethic which empowers those who experience it.

To be completely in control of their bodies & the permission of touch if they choose to give it, is an important message for people who have experienced abuse. This workshop is about empowering people who attend to use massage & gentle nurturing touch to promote empathy, creating space in relationships to feel safe to enjoy positive touch again. I hope to demonstrate its flexibility …to be light-hearted, fun & playful.

To illustrate how it can be used with gentle tales or powerful social stories to enable resolution, reparation & address difficult issues … because happy endings are for fairy tales, happy beginnings are for life. Wishing your 2018 “tail” a happy beginning,

Warm regards, Nicolle