School Trust & Corporate rates:

Three Schools

(6 weekly sessions) per school
  • £700.00per term

Four Schools

(6 weekly sessions) per school
  • £900.00per term

Five Schools

(6 weekly sessions) per school
  • £1,100.00per term

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Rhyme and Reminiscence

This collaborative service connects older people, some who may live with dementia & children within their communities using Story Massage & rhyme.

Music & song is well documented as having a profound “quickening” effect for people living with dementia, enhancing their cognitive ability & enabling them to connect more effectively. It is also an age old tool for teaching children in a fun & effective way.

Combine this with the power of positive touch & a profound connection occurs between people which enhances mental, emotional & social wellbeing. This in turn improves physical health.

I work with care homes, memory cafes, schools & preschools to create unique, fun opportunities for older people to be teachers & experts helping young people to learn rhymes, songs & stories from a bygone age. Rhyme & Reminiscence creates a safe space where everyone can share and enjoy the fun of being a child, whatever age you are. It is a learning experience for children as they find out about the personal history people in their community and how dementia can affect people. They will learn how they can connect with people who are affected by this disease with compassion, dispelling some of the fears that are often associated with people who have impaired cognitive skills.

For some older people, it may be the only contact they have with people outside their residence, or the only connection they have with younger generations especially if they have profound physical disabilities.

If you wish to work in this innovative & fun way contact Nicolle for details. Price: £65 per session.

Session info

  • A session lasts 30-45 mins.
  • Expenses may be charged for resources.
  • Establishments within a 10mile radius will not be charged fuel expenses travelling to and from the venue.


  • Venues outside this radius will be charged at 45p/mile over the 10 mile radius.
  • Venues beyond the 10 mile radius are also subject to travelling time charge of £15 per hour.
  • Please feel free to contact me for details and quotes.

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